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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)


East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club at the YMCA 2/26/14

Posted on February 27, 2014 at 9:34 AM Comments comments (65)
DSBE's Director of Public Relations arrived an hour late to yesterday's Rotary Club meeting at the YMCA, which had begun at 7:00 p.m..
Luckily, he arrived in time to listen to the speaker, a former resident of East Palo Alto who lived in a house on Donohoe Street in 1963, talk about Rotary International's efforts to eradicate polio in Nigeria.  The speaker was also a former District Governor for our Rotary district.
Rotary International, along with the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, UNICEF, and increasingly the Gates Foundation, has been committed to the global eradication of polio.
The presentation on Nigeria was of interest to DSBE because of its plans to expand to Namibia, Malawi, and Viet Nam, where polio may not yet be eradicated.  Poverty, health care infrastructure, and sanitation will likely pose similar challenges in parts of those countries, particularly the sub-Saharan ones.
The speaker touched upon the religious opposition to immunizations among some conservative Muslims.  It was also shown in his slide as Pakistan and Somalia have the highest numbers in cases worldwide.  This could be a factor for Rotary International's efforts in Malawi, where 40% of the population in Muslim (but without the level of bloodshed one finds in Nigeria,) which DSBE would want to support, if polio has not been eradicated by the time it gets to Blantyre.
Somali Boy Recieving Being Injected with the Polio Vaccine
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
(Our PR Director was formerly the Outreach Liason of a Sunni mosque, and is familiar with this reticence in discussions he had had in the brothers prayer hall after having had his annual flu shot.  Some Muslims believe it is contrary to the will of Allah, and therefore haram.  Our PR Director was a progressive Muslim whose parents taught him to get his flu shots each year. Few brothers agreed with him.)
Given how polio's been eradicated in the U.S., DSBE does not plan to take an active interest in this issue until it expands to Namibia and joins the Rotary Club of Windhoek.  For now it is a very sympathetic and compassionate observor of the progress made to eliminate this horrible disease.
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Goals for 2014

Posted on December 25, 2013 at 10:31 AM Comments comments (175)
Tiger in Grace Cathedral, Chinese New Year's, 2013
Image (c) 2013 Grace Cathedral
DSBE's immediate goals for the coming year include getting its affairs in order with the Internal Revenue Service, the Franchise Tax Board, the Secretary of State, and the Board of Equalization.  It's license with the City of East Palo Alto is already in the process of being renewed.
Besides the required paperwork, this will require additional capital.  The primary sources for this shall be income from its Legal and Sauber Janitorial Services Divisions, judgements from lawsuits in its favor, and additional funding from its founder.
DSBE will then primarily focus upon the development of those two divisions, Legal and Sauber Janitorial, as it amasses enough capital  this year to self-finance development of some of its other divisions next year.
It is hoped the Training Services division will be able to begin offering the Mental Health First Aid law enforcement module in 2014 to local law enforcement and emergency response organizations.  Accounting Services may also begin to be offered by the end of 2014 to its short-term target market of East Palo Alto based non-profits, providing DSBE has adequate resources.
A Tiger in the Cathedral
Image (c) 2013 Grace Cathedral
In its pro bono non-profit work a priori to the creation of DSBF, DSBE will continue its work on the organization and incorporation of EPAMA, the "Homeless Citizens' Guidebook to East Palo Alto," in the East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club, and on its recycling agenda for the community.

East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 3:54 PM Comments comments (346)
While it is not yet in budget for DSBE to be represented by one of its officers at the East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club as a paid member, DSBE's President & CEo has been a welcomed guest and has begun efforts to recruit other businesspeople in the East Palo Alto community to join the club.
So far, he has brokered an introduction to help bring Hector Cornelio, one of the owner/operators of La Estrellita Market into the Rotary club. He has a short list of additional targets he won't publically disclose.

The Rotary Club has lined up the following speakers for its next meetings:
  1. Aug 7: Dr. Sandra Jewett, Chair International services, Rotary club of San Jose – Education and Int’l projects – For kids in Cambodia
  2. Aug 14: Dr. Shabbir Latif, CEO – Emotional Intelligence
  3. Aug 21: Robert Kieve, CEO – work with President Eisenhower
  4. Aug 28: Mary Ellen Peterson, CEO – PHP (Parents Help Parents)
  5. Sept 4: Stephen E Abbors, Managing Director – Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
  6. Sept 11: No speaker.
  7. Sept 18: Iven Temes, CEO – Leadership and Loyalty