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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)


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Economic Impact of Palo Alto's Homeless

Posted on August 24, 2013 at 8:47 AM Comments comments (48)
At Nambassa, 1978
Image Courtesy of the Nambassa Trust and Peter Terry
DSBE is committed to safeguarding and improving the conditions of East Palo Alto's homeless while striving to house and lift them up out of their condition.
Defending the fragility of East Palo Alto and San Mateo County's resources and service systems for our city's homeless ensues from this philanthropic stance.
The seriousness of this position is shown in how DSBE's Founder and CEO did NOT sue Project WEHope over his wrongful eviction from its and the city's only shelter despite a Stanford Law School lecturer outlining his lawsuit's arguments.  He preferred not to take a penny from the shelter's operations for himself and instead lobby for the shelter to redress its safety hazards and building code violations to improve conditions for its residents.
Palo Alto's efforts to evict their homeless by making it illegal to sleep in vehicles and to use their Cubberley Center after 10:30 p.m. will push over their city and county borders and into our impoverished and burdened municipality.  This threatens to overwelm what our CEO sacrificed to sustain and improve.
This further recalls Nevada's busing and dumping some of its psychiatric patients onto San Francisco for which that city's attorney Dennis Herrera  is now considering a class action lawsuit against Nevada's  conduct for their Attorney General Catherine Masto.
DSBE will be suggesting to San Mateo County's General Counsel that he in coordination with the City of East Palo Alto's City Attorney demonstrate to Palo Alto's City Attorney their willingness and preparedness to file suit against the City of Palo Alto to recoup the economic impact of their displacement of their homeless who would seek refuge in our city.

East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club

Posted on August 7, 2013 at 3:54 PM Comments comments (343)
While it is not yet in budget for DSBE to be represented by one of its officers at the East Palo Alto Bayshore Rotary Club as a paid member, DSBE's President & CEo has been a welcomed guest and has begun efforts to recruit other businesspeople in the East Palo Alto community to join the club.
So far, he has brokered an introduction to help bring Hector Cornelio, one of the owner/operators of La Estrellita Market into the Rotary club. He has a short list of additional targets he won't publically disclose.

The Rotary Club has lined up the following speakers for its next meetings:
  1. Aug 7: Dr. Sandra Jewett, Chair International services, Rotary club of San Jose – Education and Int’l projects – For kids in Cambodia
  2. Aug 14: Dr. Shabbir Latif, CEO – Emotional Intelligence
  3. Aug 21: Robert Kieve, CEO – work with President Eisenhower
  4. Aug 28: Mary Ellen Peterson, CEO – PHP (Parents Help Parents)
  5. Sept 4: Stephen E Abbors, Managing Director – Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District
  6. Sept 11: No speaker.
  7. Sept 18: Iven Temes, CEO – Leadership and Loyalty

Ravenswood Cares

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (75)
Used Needlle Collection Box, Fair Oaks Clinic
Image (c) 2013 DSBE All Rights Reserved.
Back on July 10th, our Director of Public Relations went to pick up his bipolar medication from the Ravenswood Family Health Center in East Palo Alto.
While the Health Center used to dispense medications, this had been taken over by Anchor Pharmacy in Redwood City about two years ago, creating a potential hardship for our Public Relations Director and other impoverished East Palo Alto residents.
To express his elation, and slip in a few words about two planks of DSBE's lobbying efforts, he wrote the following letter on a comment form which was entitled "Ravenswood Cares."
"1. I want to commend the Center's Board of Directors and Executive Staff for bringing prescription dispensary back to East Palo Alto.  For some of us, including myself, getting to Anchor Pharmacy has been a logistical hardship -- particularly when our City's shuttle did not have a route reaching there (personally, I walked from town and back to be certain my prescription for Divalproex ER was filled.)
"2. Please put me in touch with the best person or people in your organization with whom I may lobby for the inclusion of an unused medications and a used needles disposal facility in your planned new clinic."
This morning, as he sat down to lunch at the "company lunchroom" of St. Anthony's Dining Room in Menlo Park, he was phoned by Kitty Benedict on behalf of the Clinic so she could better understand his points.
DSBE would like to again thank the Ravenswood Family Health Center for taking its suggestions seriously, and looks forwards to continuing its lobbying efforts at realizing both an unused medication and used needles collection facilities to be included in the planned renovation of the Clinic for the better health of our community and environment.

Edmund Suen Approves DSBE's Business License Application

Posted on June 28, 2013 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (210)
DSBE's "Physical" Address per the City of East Palo Alto:
The Palo Alto Main Post Office
Image by Denise R on Yelp
DSBE's application for a business license with the City of East Palo Alto raised some challenging questions, as the City's form and regulations presuppose any business to have a physical address.
But in the case of a person who is homeless, but running a business as lawfully as they possibly can, and of a homeless corporation, which is a legal person itself, there is no physical address to say the business is operating out of.
Our CEO's suggestion was to use the same address the County of San Mateo uses for him, both for welfare and voting roll purposes: the County Government Building, which is the City of East Palo Alto Government Center at 2415 University Avenue in East Palo Alto.
For if a physical address were insisted upon, this one has the best arguments in its favor.  There should also have been no question as to the building's compliance with the City's and Menlo Park Fire Protection Districts safety codes and regulations, which would preclude any issues there.
It further underscores the truth that the East Palo Alto Library is where the corporation has already conducted most of its business and in which it has primarily been developed, alongside the McDonald's next door at University and Bay.
The City could have reservations about any liability, however.  Their suggestion of positing its physical address at the Palo Alto Main Post Office, where the corporation has its mailbox averts those.
In a face-to-face meeting with Edmund Suen, Director of Finance for the City of East Palo Alto, Edmund and David Shaw Bass, DSBE's CEO, were able to discuss the issues.  Edmund verbally approved the application, but as a commercial license rather than a home-based business one, and with the U.S. post office box address, despite its being outside the city limits.
The city of East Palo Alto does not have U.S. Post Office boxes.  It has always been served by the Palo Alto Main post office with a sub-station at University and Bay which has no boxes.  There are no private providers of post office boxes, such as a UPS Store, either within city limits.  One of the things which DSBE's CEO did when he was in residence at the Warming Shelter at 1848 Bay Road was to install a mailbox and assure both his and another homeless resident's mail was delivered there (this is done in other shelters; Project WEHope has since removed the mailbox.)
DSBE's check for $122 has yet to clear the bank.  Edmund said the application would be "in process."  The City's 30th anniversary (which is also months after the 30th anniversary of when DSBE's CEO first lived in East Palo Alto at his in-laws, the Nguyens) is this weekend.  Its processing could be slowed down by the workload on Edmund's assistant, Ana Torres's, desk.
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Asking Apple to Aid EHP's TAP Center

Posted on April 27, 2013 at 11:22 PM Comments comments (502)

Kaiser's Parking Lot at KMart

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 8:59 PM Comments comments (415)
KMart's Original Logo
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
En route to meeting a client at the San Mateo County Law Library for DSBE's Legal Services division, I stopped off at the K-Mart at 1155 Veteran's Boulevard to make a purchase and visit Joe at rePLANET's facilty on the property.
It was good to see Joe after all these months and to update him on CRV recycling in East Palo Alto.  As well, it was good to see KMart's parent corporation, Sears, and Kaiser Permanente had implemented a suggestion I had made to them as DSBE's VP & General Manager of ... it should have been Real Estate Services division, but that did not exist then.  I think I spoke as VP & GM of Advertising and Sales Consulting division when I wrote, or maybe as President & CEO of DSBE.
It doesn't matter which title I used, the signature and soul's one.  The structure's ambitiously created for future hiring and to outlive me as "information architecture in a business organization" if you'd like.  Right now, all the titles reduce to me, whom DSBE cannot afford to hire.  It fact, it chisels me whenever it can -- and I encourage it like a proud parent nurturing its child's fighting spirit.
The suggestion to Sears Holding Corporation was essentially for Kaiser to pay for the fact their employees kept using KMart's parking lot without paying a cent -- a parking lot Sears owns.
It had been interfering with rePLANET's business, and was something Joe and I would speak of, so I decided to write letters about it.  Otherwise, what was the point of talking?  It was to reinforce our good relationship, and to formulate an effective attack of the problem.
Evidently, they were considered, and followed through on: a corner of KMart's parking lot is now fenced off as Kaiser's with notices other cars will be towed.
It made good business sense for Sears to get into the parking lot business as they were underutilizing the vast tract of land they own surrounding their KMart store on Veterans Boulevard in Redwood City.  Kaiser, on the other hand, had overbuilt just across the street without allowing for a sufficient number of parking spaces in its garages.
No one from either Kaiser nor Sears nor KMart thanked me for my obviously valuable suggestion.  That's human avarice for you, which is why I insist DSBE be as thankful as it is aggressive . But it was heartwarming to see my good advice on the corporation's behalf followed, even if it went uncredited.  For it suggests clients may one day actually pay for DSBE's advice, and it will be well-regarded.
Within my lifetime preferrably.
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(c) 2013 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

EPA McDonald's #1 Drive-through Service

Posted on April 14, 2013 at 8:29 PM Comments comments (293)
As VP and General Manager of DSBE's Advertising & Sales Consulting division, I wrote the following letter longhand to Larry Tripplett, owner of both East Palo Alto McDonald's, along with Stanford Shopping Center's and four others.
I wanted to focus his attention on a problem he may not have been aware of, but which other patrons had alerted me to: how slow the drive-through service was at his first store.
This occurs during Friday and Saturday nights and is a consequence of inadequate kitchen staff to support the window cashiers.
I don't use the service myself, so I don't know if he took the advice to heart and acted on it, but from coversations with both staff and customers, it would be good if he did.

Integrating East Palo Alto's Free Shuttle

Posted on April 3, 2013 at 2:57 PM Comments comments (144)
While planning a trip to pick up some GA welfare warrants from San Carlos, our homeless CEO noticed the trip planning software overlooked his beloved city's free shuttle service in suggesting its routes.
So before setting off to claim his welfare funds, he provided the following feedback to them...not in exactly these words, but close enough.
To whom it may concern,
Please consider integrating the East Palo Alto Free Shuttle route schedules into your system so it will consider them in calculating its suggestions.
Michelle Daher, Mobility Manager, City of East Palo Alto, ought to be able to provide you with the data points necessary for your database to include my beloved city in your future advice.
She may be reached at {email address} or by phone or post {see City of East Palo Alto website.}
Thanking you in advance.
Yours truly,
David Shaw Bass
President & CEO
DSBE A California corporation
Free advice is often worth what you paid for it, but sometimes it's valuable.
We at DSBE hope this falls into the latter category.

Management Issue at Ravenswood McDonald's

Posted on March 24, 2013 at 9:19 AM Comments comments (241)
McDonald'sKristiansand, Norway
Wikimedia Commons, CC Tomasz Sienicki
The VP and General Manager of our Sauber Janitorial Services division could not get to work on time this morning because a Ravenswood Shopping Center McDonald's employee did not get to work on time and the shift manager decided not to open without that person.
The McDonald's, at East Palo Alto's Ravenswood Shopping Center, did not open until 5:25 a.m. when it was supposed to have been opened at 5:00 a.m., making David, Sauber's VP & General Manager, late to work on its WiFi system.
As DSBE's VP & General Manager of its Market Intelligence division too, he knows very well this McDonald's store is obliged by the terms of its franchise contract with McDonald's Corporation to open its doors on time. 
So he wrote them:
The store was not opened until about 5:25 a.m. when it ought to have been opened up at 5:00.
There were two customers waiting for the lobby to open at 5:00.  Another joined them to wait until the doors were finally opened at 5:25.
One of the customers who had been waiting for the lobby to open at 5:00 asked someone driving through the drive-through window to buy his coffee for him in order that he could be served, as he could not get into the restaurant and would not be served at the drive through window as he was riding a bicycle.
The customer who arrived later stated this store has been repeatedly late to open up.  I cannot vouch for that as I do not live by this store, and do not patronize it as much.
Please pass this along to Larry Tripplett, owner, who can relay this to his daughter who oversees the East Palo Alto stores so she may discuss appropriate corrections with the manager of this restaurant.
Previous correspondence by David to McDonald's Corporation has resulted in a leaky roof being repaired after four years of neglect, a stop to the same bad habit of opening after 5:00 a.m because of an habitually late employee and an improvement of the janitorial standards at the McDonald's at University and Bay in East Palo Alto after an ant trail due to uncleaned ice cream had been reported.  It is hoped this will also prove effective.
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(c) 2013 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

YMCA Memberships for East Palo Alto's Homeless

Posted on March 16, 2013 at 10:43 AM Comments comments (348)
Shower Head
Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Yesterday, DSBE's CEO followed up on a conversation with the East Palo Alto YMCA's Membership Director, Michelle Webster, by furnishing her with a copy of the letter he had written that branch of the Silicon Valley YMCA back on January 6, 2013 which introduced them to DSBE's second plank of its philanthropic platform (cf.  He also included a copy of the letter he had written San Mateo County Supervisors Don Horsley and Carol Groom, in their capacities as co-chairs of the HOPE Committee of January 8, 2013, and of the letter he had writen Dr. Faye of One East Palo Alto on January 23, 2013.
Copies of this set of letters were also furnished to Tayischa Deldridge, Homeless Health Advocate/Health Navigator, Ravenswood Center for Health Promotion.
The letter to Faye McNair-Knox, Ph. D., Executive Director of One East Palo Alto Neighborhood Improvement Initiative best argues for this project:
Dear Dr. Faye,
Back in December, on a night when you left work after One East Palo Alto's Annual Membership Meeting, I approached you and said one day I would be soliciting your help in becoming a grant writer.
Since one often learns best by doing, I would like to focus on the effort I cc'ed your organization about recently: generating development funds for YMCA memberships for East Palo Alto's homeless.
DSBE - A California Corporation - and myself are both presently homeless, and having been so for over a year and a half, know too well the deficiencies of our County and City's solutions to the hygiene of their homeless residents.
For a homeless person to be able to get to our centrally located YMCA, bathe, exercise, and socialize daily with the full socio-economic spectrum of our community would do their physical and mental health tremendous good, as well as the public's.
Our governments have lacked the priorities and resources to address this public issue, and have let it fall upon the Catholic charities of our County and upon the resourcefulness of people who by definition lack resources.  It's dysfunctional and the evidence is outside your offices on Bay Road.
The County will be counting the homeless in five days.  We should soon know the updated figure, but it ought to be upwards of 350, with an inclining and accelerating growth curve.
Now seems like an opportune time to solve this issue for the County and our City by approaching private and public agencies for grant monies to afford YMCA memberships.  For that, I look to you and a short list of local and potential mentors for guidance.
I hope this will be the first stage of long-term and fruitful rapport between One East Palo Alto and DSBE as I want to apply the talents I developed as a technical writer in Silicon Valley in part towards development writing for local organizations.  That would make for a natural synergy, given your role as a broker of resources and services to impove our beloved city.
Yours truly,
David Shaw Bass
President & CEO
DSBE expects more substantive progress on this project as a result of this and other information dissemination in its third fiscal quarter of 2012-13.
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(c)_ 2013 DSBE All Rights Reserved.