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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

"Right Attitude"

Japantown, San Jose

(c) 2010, DSBE All Rights Reserved.

DSBE's divisions have been engaged by the following clients.

Accounting Services Division (AC)

  • Investment portfolio dividend recovery for a private client.

Advertising and Sales Consulting Division (AD)

  • The East Palo Alto Center for Multimedia;
  • Mama Dee's Multicultural Board and Care Home;
  • Men of Pupose, East Palo Alto;
  • Michaela, Lisbon, Portugal;
  • Midtown Maintenance of Ravenswood, East Palo Alto;
  • Ravenswood Community Health Center Capital Campaign, East Palo Alto;
  • Ravenswood Garden Kits Products, East Palo Alto;
  • Sow2Soul Ministry, East Palo Alto;
  • Pesa Tupa, Roofing Services, East Palo Alto;

Consumer Goods Division (CG)

Legal Services Division (LE)

  • A's Towing, East Palo Alto;
  • David Shaw Bass, East Palo Alto;
  • Jose Ceja, East Palo Alto;
  • East Palo Alto Muslim Association (in organization);
  • Pesa Tupa, East Palo Alto;
  • Free Wesleyan Church of Pebeli (Siasi o Tonga el Amelika), San Jose;

Logistical Services Division (LO)

  • Committee to Elect Lisa Yarborough-Gauthier to City Council, East Palo Alto;
  • East Palo Alto Today;

Market Intelligence Division (MI)

Multimedia Content Division (MC)

  • Mama Dee's Multicultural Board and Care Home, East Palo Alto;
  • Men of Purpose, an East Palo Alto 501(3)c;
  • Retraining the Village, an East Palo Alto 501(3)c;

Sauber Janitorial Services Division (SJS)

  • Private clients residing at Menlo Commons, Menlo Park;
  • Wilson's Construction, East Palo Alto;