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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

Floral Department (DSBE-CGFL)

"Snake Mouth" Orchid

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The founder's first business in Menlo Park and Palo Alto was established in 1983 to sell floral arrangements, and his hand-crafted or custom ordered fine jewelry. DSBE-CGFL, the Consumer Goods Division's Floral Department, continues that tradition along with DSBE-CGFJ, the Fine Jewelry Department.

A Bucket Shop Florist in San Francisco

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

Until DSBE-CGFL is open for business, it recommends the following florists.

  • Draeger's, Menlo Park;
  • Michaela's Flower Shop, Palo Alto;
  • Safeway, Sharon Heights, Menlo Park;
  • Stanford Florist, Palo Alto;

Michaela's Flower Shop

(Stapleton was a wholesale supplier of the founder's first business.)

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.