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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

East Palo Alto Legislation

Seal of the City of East Palo Alto

Image (c) 2013 City of East Palo Alto

"The City of East Palo Alto provides responsive, respectful, and efficient public services to enhance the quality of life and safety for its multi-cultural community." -- City's Mission Statement.

DSBE's Public Relations Department is lobbying for the following platform positions to be legislated by the East Palo Alto City Council or enacted by the City's management.

  1. All monies disbursed to any organization assisting the homeless in East Palo Alto are to be open to a competitive bidding process which includes verification of the organization's standing, allows for public consideration and discussion, and whose expenditures are to be audited by the City's Finance Department;
  2. Endorse the "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" campaign;
  3. Create a citizens advisory group for the East Palo Alto Police Department which should meet in open forum allowing for public commentary at least once a month -- DONE;
  4. Install a new children's playground in Bell Park to replace the one torn out years ago -- DONE;
  5. Include provisions for a recyclables collection business in the City's General Plan, per point seven of DSBE's platform about recycling in East Palo Alto;
  6. Eliminate the remaining two furlough days of City employees in the contract negotiations of January, 2015;
  7. Reduce City business license fees to be inline with Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Redwood City's rates;
  8. Impose fines on retailers for their abandoned shopping carts in East Palo Alto. Contract with an independent vendor to recover those carts and impound them in the City's Public Works yard for collection upon payment of fines by their owners;
  9. Install a traffic light to assure safe crossing at Michigan Avenue across University, and at the EPA Wireless store across University Avenue;
  10. Place radar signs showing actual vs. posted limit speeds along University Avenue and step-up ticketing efforts;
  11. Certify and equip EPAPD officers for radar speeding enforcement;
  12. Equip EPAPD with infrared for anti-drug dealing efforts;
  13. Do a traffic analysis of residential streets impacted by the increased commuter traffic through East Palo Alto (especially those used as detours around Willow and University) with an eye to improving residents' safety by a.) making streets one-way, b.) allowing parking on only one side of the street, and c.) blocking an end or lane end;
  14. Require residential parking stickers available for a nominal fee to prevent out of town cars from parking in our streets without permission. This is specifically targeting cars from neighboring cities using our streets to defend those spaces for our residents;
  15. Enact ordinances and post signs at the entrance of streets leading off major commute roads "East Palo Alto Origin or Destination Only" (possibly just for vehicles over a certain weight) to lay groundwork for warnings by EPAPD and then ticketing to restrict the use of side streets;
  16. Lobby for Assurance Wireless to fulfill its obligation to the FCC and CPUC to provide complete cellphone coverage in East Palo Alto in support of thier Lifeline program;
  17. Where sidewalks don't exist, but are in plan, such as along the eastern side of East Bayshore and along the northern side of Pulgas, paint red lines and enforce parking laws. Motorists currently endanger pedestrians by parking where sidewalks would exist, exposing them to vehicular traffic;
  18. Enforce parking laws against parking on sidewalks, or extruding from driveways onto sidewalks;
  19. Either make Saratoga Avenue a one lane one way street or only allow parking on one side of it.


(Service, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Vision, and Excellence)

Mural at East Palo Alto Police Departmenyt Headquarters

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.