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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

Legal Services' Raison d'Etre

The corporation's founder worked as a paralegal and LSAT tutor, showing promise many years ago for a legal career -- particularly given his 99.9th percentile LSAT score and studies in ethics and logic -- but his career was derailed by some of the relationships he had and by the vicissitudes of his bipolarism.

After breaking off his engagement with a lady and her two daughters during one massive bipolar episode which resulted in his hospitalization, a woman he was so deeply and rightly compatible with, he was quite disappointed in himself.

Wilhelmina, (Accra, Ghana)

Paige and Julia, Intended Step--daughters

In reflecting upon his life's unfulfilment of his talents after losing Wilhelmina and her two daughters, he judged his life to be such a shameful and tragic waste he passed a death sentence upon himself which was to be executed upon the exhaustion of his assets -- a plan which he kept on track in silence for years and which was only thwarted by the intervention of another good woman's love and promise of marriage.

Black Talon 9mm Parabellum

Intended for the Founder's "Third Eye"

Upon Exhaustion of His Cash

He lost her too, but their love spared his life so he could do what good he could with what there's left of it. He killed his suicidal intentions instead, with much the same finality as he abruptly ceased smoking years ago.

Sara, (Addis Ababa,) Last Fiancee

The religion she had left him with, which gave him the strength to renounce his execution, among other things, didn't hold. So he subsumed Islam into his other faiths and practices. Others did their best to break it by making its practice impossible, thereby condemning him to Hellfire as a Muslim. They fairly succeeded, but ultimately he didn't hold tight enough to it and instead infused its character into his deeper religious nature where he will forever honor it as a fierce friend and leverage that friendship in DSBE's business endeavors and philanthropies.
It is too late in his lifespan to for the founder's own legal potential to be fully and practically realized in him as an attorney; he will have to make do with what is left over and assure organizations which will enable others to do in his stead. The creation of the legal services division and its charter arises from his profound remorse and shame and is a constructive harnassing and reshaping of the intense passion of his self-condemnation.