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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

Life Goals

Norwegian Crypt

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Our founder's overarching goal for the rest of his life is to realize DSBE and DSBF.

He also intends to marry again and have children. The three wise women he married so far were these.

(Photo from M-A yearbook from Bridget Grant)

Nguyen thi Doan-Trang, first wife

Kuo "Kimi" Mei-chun, second wife

Xena "Cocie" Mohamed Adem, third wife

In addition, he would like to fulfill these while working on those primary goals.

  • Learn his fourth wife's mother tongue, if it isn't English (his first three wives were native speakers of Vietnamese, Taiwanese Mandarin, and Amharic;)
  • Learn enough Arabic to conduct business;
  • Learn to write Chinese and Chu Nom calligraphy in the traditional ideograms;
  • Learn enough Southwestern Mandarin to conduct business;
  • Learn enough Vietnamese to conduct business;
  • Learn to surf just as his grandmother Virginia Lambrecht Shaw had for UCLA's team on Namibia's coastline while working on its renewable energy generation, desalination, and aquaculture plants.


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

  • Learn kendo as his former friend Stewart Lenox, Esq. had when he has enough money for golf.

2014 Japanese Women's Kendo Tournament

Opening of the High Court in Namibia, 2014

Image (c) 2014 The Law Society of Namibia

  • Buy a modest residential and office property in East Palo Alto as rising sea levels threaten the entire city's existence, wiping out property his heirs would otherwise inherit.
  • Buy residential and office property in Windhoek.
  • Buy residential and office property in Ha Noi.
  • Buy ranchland in Namibia.
  • Buy residential and office property in Oslo.

He does not expect to realize all of these goals with what remains of his life, but he hopes to leave enough to support his surviving women and children.