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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

Namibian Water Pipelines

...there are three main fluids vital to for human health and prosperity: water, natural gas and oil, and that they can only be provided continually and efficiently by steel pipes." -- Ahmet Erciyas, Erciyas Steel Pipe


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In conjuction with its Namibian Desalinization and Coastal Power Generation projects, the Intellectual Property Research & Development Department will help realize an infrastructure of freshwater pipelines pumping water from coastal desalinization plants into the interior of Namibia.

DSBE will lobby for this national public works effort and profit through the international intellectual property commerce of the technologies needed by such a large-scale effort, and in offering training services for the public and private organizations which would construct such pipelines.

The technology and expertise for such pipelines would be imported with the help of DSBE's intellectual property commerce from businesses utilizing our world's best practices, such as Erciyas Steel Pipe of Istanbul, Turkey and Henkels & McCoy, Inc. of Pennsylvania.

Such a project could not only improve Namibia's infrastructural capacity for growth and vitality, it could also create jobs and improve the middle class for that country.

Goldfields Pipeline, Australia

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons