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DSBE, A California Corporation

Diversity Gathers Strength (TM)

Founder's Residential History

Synagogue in Ethiopia

Image Courtesy of Baronet on Wikimedia Commons

DSBE's founder doesn't mind sharing what the NSA, FBI, and some other intelligence agencies have probably already gathered on him -- particularly after his stint as the Outreach Liaison for the largest Sunni Mosque in Northern California.

This levels the playing field.

  1. An apartment in Moorestown Township, New Jersey;
  2. 1024 Huntoon Street or the house on Trinity Street, Eureka, California;
  3. 345 Anna Avenue, Mountain View, California;
  4. Three Hermosa Place, Menlo Park, California;
  5. Casa Octavia, Room TBD, Stevenson College, UCSC, Santa Cruz, California;
  6. Homeless with Doan in Menlo Park, California;
  7. (Apartment with Amir, Danny, and Nasser on Curtner in Palo Alto, California;)
  8. Biengartenstrasse 12, Mehlbach, West Germany;
  9. 1842 West Bayshore Road, #8, East Palo Alto, California (during #8 above;)
  10. 660 Roble Avenue, Apt. #TBD, Menlo Park, California;
  11. 715 Live Oak Avenue, Apt. #1, Menlo Park, California;
  12. 413 Pennsylvania Avenue, Santa Cruz, Califorrnia;
  13. H-5 Koshland Way (Teju & Vivek's,) UCSC, Santa Cruz, California;
  14. Eight Leonardo Lane, UCSC, Santa Cruz California;
  15. (House owned by Bamboo Restaurant,) Santa Cruz, California;
  16. 1049 via Tornasol, Rio del Mar, California;
  17. (apartment on Benton in Santa Clara;)
  18. 2330 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, California;
  19. (Upstairs condo,) Jiantan, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. (during 2330;)
  20. 1142 White Drive, Santa Clara, California;
  21. 2140 Santa Cruz Avenue, Unit C208, Menlo Park, California;
  22. The Warming Shelter, 1848 Bay Road, East Palo Alto, California;
  23. 2415 University Avenue, Third Floor, HSA, East Palo Alto, California;

Grace Cathedral, the Episcopal Diocese of California

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

Quanyin Pusa, Pao Hua Buddhist Temple

Image (c) 2014 DSBE All Rights Reserved.

Founder's Sunni Muslim Prayer Rug

(c) 2014 DSBE dsb-com All Rights Reserved.

Maternal family lines: Anglican, Episcopalian, and Lutheran. Paternal family lines: Presbyterian and probably Baptist (Jackson, Mississippi Basses.) Not raised in any religion, church, or denomination. Raised with American Protestant Christian morals, ethics, and holidays. Attended a Methodist Sunday school at St. Andrews, Palo Alto, California. One brother a Tibetian Buddhist, the other indeterminatly spiritual. Sisters-in-law Catholic and Jewish (ex-sister-in-law.) Cousins Catholic, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian.

  1. Mother raised in the Episcopal Church, her father's a Vestryman;
  2. Parents married in an Episcopal service, Christ Church, Eureka;
  3. Baptized as an Episcopalian, Christ Church, Eureka;
  4. Sunday school, St. Andrew's Methodist Church, Palo Alto;
  5. Took Buddhism and ancestor worship to heart because of first mother-in-law Nguyen thi Minh;
  6. Practicing Buddhist;
  7. Practicing Hindu;
  8. Prayed at Saivite Hindu temple, San Francisco;
  9. Married first wife Doan-trang in a civil service in Ramstein, Germany and in a Presbyterian service, Menlo Park, California;
  10. First wife and family, the Nguyens, Vietnamese Buddhists;
  11. Practicing Zen Buddhist, Santa Cruz Zen Center;
  12. Married second wife Mei-chun in a civil service in Santa Cruz, California with a wedding reception in Taipei, Taiwan;
  13. Second wife and family, the Kuos, Chinese Buddhists;
  14. Practicing Chinese Buddhist;
  15. Prayed at temples throughout Taiwan and at Pao Hua, San Jose;
  16. Attended True Vine Baptist Church, San Jose, with fiancee Felicia Gayle Johnson, where the marriage was to be held;
  17. Married third wife, Xena, in a civil service in San Francisco;
  18. Third wife and family, the Mohamed Adems, Ethiopian Sunni Muslims;
  19. Attended sermons and prayed at Episcopal, San Jose;
  20. Attended sermon and prayed at Episcopal, Las Vegas;
  21. Practicing Protestant Christian with fiancee Wilhelmina Esi Parker;
  22. Attended khutbahs, made dua'as and took shahada as a Sunni Muslim, MCA, Santa Clara with fiancee Sara Ibrahim where the nekkah was to be held;
  23. Practicing Sunni Muslim; dua'as at masjids throughout the San Francisco Bay Area;
  24. Volunteer Outreach Liaison, Librarian, Publications Committee, Security Guard, and Eid Festivals for the Muslim Community Association, Santa Clara;
  25. Baptized as a Missionary Baptist, St. John, East Palo Alto;
  26. Attended St. John Missionary Baptist Church, East Palo Alto and St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Menlo Park;
  27. Khutbahs at the Ethiopian Bay Area Muslim Association, San Jose;
  28. Attended sermons and prayed at Chua Giac Minh, East Palo Alto;
  29. Attended prayers and prayed at Pao Hua Buddhist Temple, San Jose;
  30. Attended sermons and prayed at the Betsuin Buddhist Church, San Jose;
  31. Confirmed as an Episcopalian, Grace Cathedral, San Francisco;
  32. Attended sermons and prayed at St. Bede's Episcopal Church, Menlo Park;
  33. Practices progressive Episcopalian Baptist Christianity along with traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese Buddhism, while organizing the local Sunni Muslim community and its mosque with a foundation.
  34. Prays at Chua Giac Minh and St. Bede's Episcopal; also at Pao Hua Buddhist Temple, Betsuin Buddhist, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic, and St. Anthony's Catholic.
  35. Follows the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and the program for St. Bede's Episcopal Church of Menlo Park in solitary Sunday worship due to poverty in East Palo Alto as the city does not as yet have an Episcopal church and he cannot get to his parish's sanctuary.